• Spirituality
  • The pain of letting go

    Listen to an audio recording of this blog here. I started off by saying, “I’ve been reading A Course in Miracles again and a passage I read made me want to speak with you about experiencing peace in relationships. [insert pause] There are times everything feels really smooth in my marriage and friendships. And there are times […]

  • Life
  • Is the coffee ready yet?

    Follow me on instagram; username: Megan_Monique I woke up this morning feeling angry, sad, and frustrated. Maybe it was something I dreamt that threw me into this state of mind. Or maybe the Full moon this weekend cleared something from my space that is now, with its last grips on my spirit, using all the […]

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  • Set Your Wild Free

    That warm spot. That circle. The glow. That open space where the sacred grows. If you listen closely you can hear the whispers, of a million tiny little sisters. Calling each person to their feet – beckoning, it’s time for each of us; for ALL of us to meet. Knock down the walls. Delete the […]