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  • Monday Manifestations


    I’ve spent a lot of time lately intently focusing on what I’m calling into my life. Specifically my ability to receive. After playing a game of “Thank you, it’s true.” with Briana and Jo Anna on my Asheville trip I’ve been greatly aware of how little I truly allow myself to receive in all ways. […]

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  • Where will we live?

    Today, miracles happened. The skies opened up and the whispers of my Angels were fresh in my ears. So much time spent breathing away doubts, and filling myself up with faith had paid off. DESIRES This is the first thing I remember wanting so specifically in quite some time. Perhaps since we had Sawyer (my […]

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  • It’s a Big Year & Other Things

    This is a big year for me. I could feel it even before I stepped foot into 2016, but of course, it never turns out looking how you thought it would. Soon, we will be buying a house. After that, we’ll be moving into a newly remodelled business space for Your Spirit Sparkle. My relationships […]