3 Ways to Create Sacred Space


Every night wash your face. Light a candle. Say a prayer. Dance in the mirror. Hug yourself. Stretch. Rub your skin with oils. Drink green juice. Stand out under the stars with your arms wide open.

Don’t make your ritual difficult. Create to be something you look forward to doing each night. Choose one thing. Or choose 3 things. But commit. To take that time for yourself each night. And REALLY experience your ritual. Soak up the love that comes from consistency.


Choose one room in your home. One space. One area that is the heart of your home. The room you love the most. And keep it tidy. Dust the shelves. Vacuum the carpet. Pick up your trash. Have respect for the space that lights you up. Light some incense. Hang up some pictures. Get a plant. Love this space like it is the sacred territory where you and your muse meet.


The figurines on your shelf that you haven’t looked at in 6 months. The pens in your craft supplies that don’t work anymore. Markers that have dried out. Photos of friends on the wall you haven’t spoken to an ages and don’t care to. Papers you’ve been meaning to shred. A chair that’s too broken to sit in. Throw them out. Donate them. Leave them on the curb for someone else to gather.

If there is something resting in your space that you haven’t used in 6-8 months. And/or it no longer inspires you or provides you with joy; it’s time to let it go.

Stagnant energy builds up in objects. They get heavier and heavier the longer we leave them around collecting dust. When we let these things go, new things show up to take their place. And sometimes – the new space itself is inspiring enough all on its own.