30 Days: What will we become?

Today, I have 30 days left until my due date.

Holy shit.

In approximately 30 days, I will meet my Son. >tears<

My world will be forever changed.

I will be forever changed. The Mister too.

I will face challenges and adventures that I have yet to foresee.

I wonder what he will look like.

I wonder who he will become in this world.

I wonder if I can be good enough for him.

If I can provide him with all that he’ll ever need to become everything he’s ever wanted.

I wonder how it will change my relationship with The Mister.

Will it strengthen us or weaken us? I pray we grow stronger.

What kind of Mother will I show up as? What kind of Mother will I become?

Will he be a peaceful, loving boy? Or will he constantly test my boundaries?

Maybe, probably both.

What if he ends up being a girl?

Poor Mister.

I want this journey of Motherhood to strengthen my spirituality. I feel it already has. I want it to continue.

I want to Mother with kindness and love. I want to teach him that his own ideas and values are the most important thing in the world.

I don’t want to treat him like a stereotype. He is his own person.

I want to support his gifts and passions. I want to hold him close and let him go.

I want my marriage to be an example of amazing love for him and for us.

I want to remain open to love and surrender in the moments when I am most fearful of what is to come.

I want to be a Wife, Mother, Woman that feels and exuberates peace and love.

I want to be courageous in the face of fear.

I want to be strong and vulnerable.

I want to trust myself. My inner voice.

I want to lean into this gift, as it quickly and swiftly unfolds before my very eyes.

30 days to go – so curious at what the future will hold.