5 Healthy Habits Saturated in Self-Love

This week in our video series for Ponder the Art of Self-Love, Lori-Lyn and I talked about what moves us from shitty to self-love; the things that shift our experience.

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 In the video I point out that it is essentially shifting from being disconnected to connected that truly move us from shitty to self-love – no matter the action we take to make it happen.

Below are 5 habits saturated in self-love I partake in when I start to feel a wee bit shitty.

5 Healthy Habits Saturated in Self-Love

  1. I make time for quiet. Even if it’s only 5 minutes. I make time for quiet. I close my eyes in the quiet. I breathe deep in the quiet. I savor each blink in the quiet. This is where I reset, where I slow down. Where I just. Stop. For a moment.
  2. I write. I write in my journal. I write on my blog. I write to a friend. I empty my head onto a blank page. It doesn’t have to be good writing. It doesn’t have to be any kind of writing. Releasing my mental clutter sets me free.
  3. I shower. There’s something about a hot, steamy shower that grounds me. I imagine the water is blessed by the Holy Spirit. And as it washes over me I am healed and loved and lifted up. When I am done, anoint myself with an essential oil blend of roses and jasmine. Because I’m worth it.
  4. I go outside. For 5 minutes. For 30 minutes. I watch the world around me happen. I feel the wind. Smell the air. I take it all in. I absorb the colors and smells. It makes me recharge. Suddenly I am alive again. I am connected to life-force energy.
  5. I give myself a 30 second bitchfest. It’s not easy to move from angry to peaceful. So I give myself a 30 second bitchfest. Either to a friend, on paper or out loud to myself. I get mad and angry. I cry or punch a pillow. Often, I scream out loud  And then I let it go. Surrender, baby.


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