7 Experiments to Inspire an Authentic Life

The older I get the more I realize just how much time is truly an illusion.

When I look back on the past, any pains I’ve experienced don’t hurt as bad as they once did. Even if, at the time, I felt like the agony would never end.

Realizing this only encourages me to live for and in the moment. More than I ever have before. 

Because if the things I am worrying about today, aren’t going to serve a purpose for me a month or a year, why waste my time fretting over them now? 

Each and every day I will choose to invest in my Faith and not my doubts.

It’s a constant choice. One I will make over and over and over again. After all, consistency is golden.

With that said, here are my:

7 Experiments to Inspire a Peaceful Life

1. Invest your energy into your Faith not your doubts. And by Faith I mean your God, The Universe, Faith in yourself, your friends, family and strangers. Faith that the cosmic energies are on your side. Faith that it will work out in your favor. Faith that love will always prevail. Faith that you can really have it all. Faith that in the end, it’ll be okay.

2. Surrender when frustrated. Let go of the need to “figure it all out” and surrender. Then, take a deep breath. Rinse. Repeat.

3. When you doubt your purpose, serve. There’s nothing more in alignment with our Higher Power than choosing to serve others when doubt ourselves the most. Call a friend. Ask how you might help them out.

4. Play often. We all have different ways of playing. For some it’s writing, for others it’s art, building a motorcycle, dinner with friends, bowling, rolling in the leaves, hot air balloon rides, travel, swimming, dancing or lifting weights. Whatever it is that lights and loosens you up – do it. Often.

5. Ask for help. We aren’t here to learn that we are separate  We are here to learn that we are all one. Asking for help when we need it brings us closer to realizing and experience our oneness; our divinity.

6. Respect yo’self. Have respect for the divinity in you. Put downs, criticisms, self-punishment and just being down right mean is an insult to your own divinity. Have respect for your creative genius.

7. Don’t judge. Releasing any and all judgments of ourselves and others allows us to truly experience freedom.