Baby Photo Friday

My cousin, Laura took this photo a few weeks ago. I just love it. Sadly, I washed and dried this awesome onesie and now it’s too small for him. Womp. Another lesson in letting go. It seems that the general summary of what it means to be a parent is a continual letting go. That’s life, too, actually.

I have a nice and cozy stay-at-home weekend planned. It just might snow tomorrow (exciting for Texas!) and I’ve got a big ol’ pot of chicken and dumplings in the fridge. I plan on spending some intimate time with my website. I’m planning on reintroducing ROOTED, my first eCourse, in February. I’m going to shine it up, add some new content – take out some of the old and make it prettier. I’m really looking forward to it.

I hope you have an amazing, special, adventurous weekend!

PS. If you missed my post earlier this week, Forgiving Our Mothers, will you check it out now? I’m working on writing from a more intimate and honest space. I hope you enjoy it.