Magical Bag O’ Surrender

If you’ve ever taken one of my eCourses or have had a Soul Session with me, chances are you’ve heard about my super-awesome-incredible-bag-of-surrender.

I use this bag for many different reasons, but always for the same purpose – to let go. To hand over my problem to God/Source/The Universe.

I learn more and more every day how miraculous it is when we truly give up attempting to control the cirrcumstances of our lives.

When we surrender to Source, we can trust that everything will work out in our favor. Often times, far better than we could have imagined in the first place.

Here’s how the bag works…

I get out a few pieces of paper, grab a marker, pen or whatever I feel called to use.

I write down on the paper what I am giving to God. What I am tired of worrying about and carrying with me.

I crumble it up or fold it.

Say a blessing of gratitude for The Universe bringing me peace about this.

Then, I put it in the bag and trust that my Angels/ The Universe are handling it for me. I no longer have anything to worry about.

Try it for yourself my friend.

Warning: The process of surrendering can be addictive to some. Please note that in the case of surrendering-addiction one might become consumed with a permanent state of enlightened, happiness.