Be Present, This is Your Story

On Sunday morning I woke up in a tent to a dog barking. When I unzipped our tent to see what the hell was going on, I saw Buddy, a pup that resides at A Day Away Retreat herding and eating dead grass.

Buddy is an interesting character.

When I called him over, he happily plopped himself inside of our tent.

The night before, The Mister and I attended an Alice and Wonderland themed party for our roommate, Heather. It was truly a magical evening, all in her honor.

After Buddy and I had our moment Sunday morning, I headed up the hill to visit the medicine wheel they had placed on the land.

I was lucky enough to be one of the people who laid a stone to help create medicine wheel.

I had forgotten how peaceful the spot was.

Lately my head has felt jumbled. I have lots of projects in the works and I’ve been having a difficult time deciding where to invest my energy.

When I sat on the large stone in the middle of the medicine wheel, facing the sun, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I stopped my mind. I sat up straight opening my chest and heart to The Universe. I loosened my fist and opened my palms toward the sky. Saying “yes” to The Universe with my body.

What I heard, when the wind blew was “be present, this is your story.

There is no moment in your past or in your future that is more important that this present moment AND what you choose to do with it.

How you choose to feel in it. What actions you choose to take. The thoughts you choose to think. Right. Now.

Release worry. It’s okay, really. Be present to what is in this moment and choose to enjoy it for all that it is. Right now. Because in just a moment, it will have passed.