Being Brave Is…

I was reading this post from Hannah Marcotti this afternoon + was inspired. Here we go…

Being brave is feeling exhausted + overwhelmed + continuing down the path anyway.

Being brave is saying no to things you once said yes to because your new life looks very different than your old one.

Being brave is being honest with yourself in each moment.

Being brave is being honest with those around you in each moment.

Being brave is choosing to believe in the magic of The Universe even when evidence of seems to be scarce.

Being brave is crying in front of people when you can’t hold it in anymore.

Being brave is trusting the path as it unfolds + having the courage to redirect it when it doesn’t feel right.

Being brave is letting your parents babysit your 4 week old for his first night away from you.

Being brave is scary.

Being brave is staying in integrity even when it’s hard to.

Being brave is, can be, will be, graceful.