Birthing Sawyer Grey

(many of the links in this post will take you to photos of the past several days.)

On Tuesday morning The Mister + I were admitted into the hospital to induce my labor. We were nervous, tired + excited to meet our new son.

The Pitocin started at about 7:00AM + I decided to go for the epidural around 3:00PM.

Friends + family dropped in throughout the day. My hospital room was showered with beautiful flowers + loving people.

My roomie came by + gave me a nice hand, foot + leg massage.

I was dilated to an 8 + the Pitocin was causing The Little Mister to become distressed. His heart rate was all over the place + was getting a small fever.

I was taken off the Pitocin to try + dilate on my own. I never made it past an 8.

At about 10:30PM I was informed that I would be having a cesarean.

People got nervous, I wasn’t worried – but I was scared. I had never had surgery before.

At 11:00PM I was taken back to the operating room with The Mister in his funny white getup + at 11:29PM Sawyer Grey Lewis made his way out of my womb + into the world.

For about 3 minutes, he wasn’t breathing. The nurses did chest-compressions.

The combination of Pitocin; pushing him out of me + his cord; wrapped around his leg, arm + ankle caused the respiratory distress.

He started to breath + weighed in at 8 lbs. 15 ounces + 21 inches.

My doctor saw an air bubble on the Xray in between Sawyer’s lungs + ribs. He wasn’t concerned. He said it was from the chest compressions + common. The pediatrician wasn’t concerned either.

Later on the pediatrician decided there was something to be concerned about + Sawyer would need to be careflighted to the Baylor NICU for further testing + examination.

I remember the nurse telling me this clearly. I remember the expression on my husbands face. I remember the calm I felt about it all – even though I was surprised.

The careflight team got there at 4:00AM + brought him in to see me one last time before he left + assured me he would be fine.

It was bizarre having him taken away from me so shortly after I had worked so hard to get him here. But I trusted. All I felt was love + support.

I thank my community, both on + offline for that.

My Mom + my sister ended up going + staying with Sawyer at Baylor so he didn’t have to be by himself. That also brought me great peace.

(I didn’t want The Mister driving to Baylor that night because we had both been up for 24 hours.)

The next day I was discharged; not even 12 hours after my surgery. My doctor wanted me to be with my little one. I appreciate that.

The Mister + I made our way to see our new wee one at Baylor. He was fine. The air bubble was gone. He was breathing room air + it appeared as though nothing had ever been wrong.

Sawyer had healed himself.

After waiting 48 hours with him at Baylor, we made our way home, together on Friday around 11:00AM.

Since then we’ve been spending time with family + friends stopping by + visiting.

And discovering our own rhythm at home.

Some things I’m grateful for…