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I can feel the weight you are carrying. The uncertainty, the shame, the disconnect from your heart’s vision. I can feel that you don’t know how to get from where you are to where you want to be. I can feel that for some of you, you aren’t exactly sure where it is you do, indeed, want to be. My name is Megan Monique and I have been reading oracle and tarot cards since 2010 when I was gifted my first Goddess Tarot deck. Since then I have been working with women and men to clarify their mission and vision for particular chapters in their life while supporting them in staying focused on what’s most important, how you want to feel.


  • Shifting gears to help relationships flow better
  • Affirmation that you are focusing where will serve you best
  • Removing limited thinking and perceived obstacles
  • Feel relieved and renewed
  • Gain clarity in spite of overwhelm
  • Brainstorming business ideas and plans of execution
  • Getting new ideas off the ground
  • Getting past emotional and mental barriers
  • Unveil the truth or root of trauma or pain you’re carrying
  • Energetic overview for certain periods of time 
  • Understanding more of your astrological chart

I host singular sessions with individuals and I also work with people on an ongoing basis. I have seen many through significant transistions in their life, even when they didn’t know that’s what would be happening. From leaving relationships, completely relocating, to career changes – I’ve seen it all. Those who are called to work with me, are ready for change.


  • $24 Monthly Personalized Email Reading → sign up
  • $37 One-time Recorded Video Reading → sign up
  • $75 Individual Session (in person, phone, video chat) sign up

Occaisionally, I offer readings that are sent to you via email where you get to Pick Your Own Price. This is a great way to get a feel for what working with me is like in a small dose. The best way to hop on board this offer is to follow me on instagram. I make the announcement there when these opportunities open up. 

If you are already a YES – go ahead and sign up. If you have some more questions for me, please feel free to send me an email at I’ll respond fairly quickly. Thank you for being here with me, beautiful soul.

*The links above will take you to Paypal. If you prefer a different method of payment, send me an email and I will send you an invoice through Square.