Car Batteries & Divine Timing

divine timing

So this morning, by chance* the Mister was leaving for work a little later than usual. I go out to start my car to get ready to take Sawyer to his second day of school and my battery is dead. Sawyer had been playing in my car the night before (even though I told him not to MANY times) and he drained it somehow. 

Tension arises in my heart, and truth be told it didn’t lift until the situation was completely resolved. 

Rewind to earlier that morning, I was in the bathroom getting ready and prayed to Archangel Michael to help me with Sawyer today. To make our drop off easier. BC the first day was filled with horrible screaming and crying for both of us. (He did most of the screaming.)

I hated making Brian late for work, and Sawyer being late for school, and I was totally irritated that this happened because he was doing something he wasn’t supposed to. 

But, through the process, I was reminded of how good of a team The Mister and I make. How much we have each other’s back and how supported he leaves me feeling. And although Sawyer still screamed when I left him at school this morning, because we were late, one of the teachers had to walk him to his classroom instead of me, which was much easier than me making the drop-off while prying him off of me as I run out the door.

My point: our prayers are answered as soon as we say them. The solutions don’t look how we dreamed up they might. Most of the time, they don’t even feel like solutions when they find us. But they are. And it’s our job to get out of the funky emotions we’re thrown into and acknowledge the blessings before us so it becomes easier to receive more and more of them. 

I hope whatever unexpected bumps in the roads appear to you this week help guide you to greater understanding of what is possible through prayer and surrender of the self. Your Angels are talking to you. Are you listening?

It’s the small stuff,
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