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  • Sawyer and Rearranging Rooms

    Thoughts and other things: Sawyer and Rearranging rooms

    The Morning On the way to school, out of the blue, Sawyer said, “Tonight I’m going to sleep really good.” “Did you not sleep good last night?” I asked “No.” He said. “Cuz my Paw Patrol pups were pretending to talk to me all night long. They wouldn’t shut up! That’s why I had to […]

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  • Laundry and Desires

    Megan Monique

    The Morning It’s still dark outside. I wake up to Sawyer, who slept on the couch last night, telling me he’s hungry. We fall back asleep. Daylight is rising and my eyelids feel heavy. Out of bed and I make my way to the kettle and French press. Coffee first. A friend stops by with […]

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  • My Favorite Moments & Other Things

    Photo Credit: Alyece Fuller I have found the most satisfying moments in my life are the small ones where I glimpse upon the silk and paisley curtain catching the wind as it carries through the screen. Or when I stumble upon Sawyer, running uninhibited with great speed in a field of 12 chickens elegantly following […]

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  • Message of Sanctuary // The Web Weaver

    Message of Sanctuary // The Web Weaver

    (4) synchronicity, Divine Intelligence, cause and effect “The Web Weaver warns you to address your behavior in all areas. Where are you being dishonest with others and yourself? Are you fearful that you’ll be left out in the cold and abandoned if you don’t relinquish control? Your strand in the web is beautiful and unique, […]