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  • Monday Manifestations


    I’ve spent a lot of time lately intently focusing on what I’m calling into my life. Specifically my ability to receive. After playing a game of “Thank you, it’s true.” with Briana and Jo Anna on my Asheville trip I’ve been greatly aware of how little I truly allow myself to receive in all ways. […]

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  • What’s Your Money Story?

    In 2009 I started taking Landmark Education classes. They completely transformed my relationship to well, everything. One of the things we learned about in the classes what the difference between the “truth” and our “stories about the truth”. Today, on Prosperity Playground, Lisa Carmen is talking about some of the money stories she’s held onto over the […]

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  • Dump & Date

    Happy Thursday Loves, As soon as Christmas day arrives, I feel as though a new year has begun. I know the “actual” new year isn’t for several more days or so – but this in between week is always transitional for me. I start looking at what projects I can wrap up. What promises have […]