The Winds of Change, My Favorite Astrologer & Love As Our Only Truth

I’ve been getting carried away with memories. Maybe this always happens when the weather changes. Familiar music finds my ears. I close my eyes and fall back for a moment. I take a few deep breaths and get carried away on the whirls of wind that blow through my window. The vision of my past arrives and it feels so real. There is a distance, but also an incredible connection that feels so very real, for a moment.

I can remember vividly what it was like to be me back then.

And now, through time and deconstruction. Through letting go and God. I can see the pieces of the puzzle that are only now beginning making sense.

It is both perplexing and a blessing how everything is always new. I am in a constant state of evolution, always. And every breath is ripe with possibility.

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While getting carried away with my memories, I stumbled upon this band through Pandora and I am in love. Listen here; The xx. The lady singers voice is soft and sultry. I melted into her tone. Close your eyes, listen and move your body to the beat. Come alive.

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Astrology is something I’ve always loved. But to be honest it’s all felt a little over my head. I recently found someone who speaks my language and is an incredible channel for all things universal love. Here’s an excerpt from one of her recent Virgo Horoscopes (High five to all my fellow Virgo’s out there!)

“This actually may feel like a shove!  GO!! DO THIS NOW!! A part of this too will relate to you feeling like something is missing from your life, and the daily grind will start to feel boring as you are wanting to crawl out of your skin and pursue things that maybe before you felt more shy about or at least uncertain.  This is like the fog is lifting and you are feeling plugged in and ready to get started on this path that you KNOW will lead to more happiness and feeling that you are doing something important.”

You can read the full horoscope here and/or subscribe to here newsletter here. None of these are affiliate links, I’ve really just fallen in love with her work. Oh! Also – you should totally follow her on instagram. (SHOUT OUT: If you’re reading this KV, thank you for the work you’re doing!)

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I’ve been picking up A Course in Miracles more frequently. I read it in small spurts. The content is so rich. So deep. It’s difficult for me to devour and process when I consume a lot at once. I mostly just feel overwhelmed. So I read a couple pages and put it down. This morning, a particular passage stood out to me and I was reminded of what I became present to for the first time so long ago. This is what I posted on instagram.

“Morning reading. Every time I find these pages I am reminded that only love is real. Everything else is an illusion. When I find the love within myself and nurture it and it only, my outer world represents this Divine choosing. From A Course in Miracles. “God is lonely without His Sons, and they are lonely without Him. They must learn to look upon the world as a means of healing the separation. The Atonement [act of love] is the guarantee that they will ultimately succeed.” #acourseinmiracles #spiritjunkie”

When you feel lost with how to find peace or what to do next, look inward. Find your inner altar and nurture the love that lives there. When you do this you align with the high vibration of the Divine and everything around you rises to meet the same vibration. We are here to give love. To receive love. That intention is not always at the forefront of my mind and I can see how differently my days pan out because of it.

Today I will release and shift gears. I will move into a space of love and offer myself to the world.
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