Christmas Eve & Other Things

Happy Christmas Eve!

This is Sawyer. He is a handful. A never ending ball of energy and movement. Tonight we went and looked at Christmas lights in town. Ennis has some amazing Christmas decor! I don’t think Sawyer stopped talking the entire time we were going.

We had hot chocolate on the way and played a Santa scavenger hunt through town where he found presents along the way. While the concept was a good one, and our intentions were true, our time together was less than desirable. The combination of presents, sugar and exhaustion turned Sawyer into a terror.

The best part of the night… bedtime. 🙂

I can’t help but wonder. Is it a struggle for all parents, or most, to do these fun, spirited things for their children and they just don’t talk about the torture of it? Or is Sawyer just an incredible butt head and this is how it is?


↓ Love it if you dig it…