Dear Diary + Some Things I Love

Happy Friday!

I’ve spent the day sleeping + cleaning, hoping to jump-start my labor. Still nothing. I’ve watched 2-3 of my friends who were due AFTER me go into labor already + still, I sit here, waiting.

I can definitely say, without a doubt this is the only time in my life where I have experienced such agony around waiting for something.

Everything before this has been an effortless letting go + trusting.

But this, this is hard for me to let go of. My friends are getting a kick out of it because my true humanness is showing.

I suppose I’m so eager for our little one to make his voyage into the world because I am ready to begin my healing process. To get my body back + find my groove with the little one + my work life. 

Just writing that reminds me to savor this moment.

It’s very likely after he is here, I’ll wish I had these moments of nothingness back.

But anywho. 

Thank you to everyone who has been sending their love + support for me during this time. My Facebook + Twitter feed is filled with thoughts of joy for this time in my life + I am beyond grateful.

Also, this is worth your time…

  • To Be in a Body by Lori-Lyn Hurley: There are reasons why you are drawn to certain things and feel repelled by others, and when you realize that there is no great yes or no; that there is not one true way, but instead many, many pathways to Spirit, then you can begin to give your heart and your soul and the temple of your body the respect and love you long for.
  • I’m loving this awesome calendar! I can’t wait until years from now when I have a stockpile of what I’ve done on this one day for the last 3+ years.