The Week of December 3rd

This may be a week of retreat for you where instead of doing a lot of projecting outward, extending out beyond your body to others, you will instead be turning towards yourself. Spending time with yourself. Getting to know some of the new places that are revealing themselves to you. It is time for you to walk your talk in the sense of caring for yourself. What are you often telling others to do for themselves that you can, in turn, do for your own self? Now is not the time to worry about being a leader. We all move from the role of student to teacher and back and forth. This week is all about you being the student. Take in information that comes to support you. It may feel uncomfortable to receive, it may cause emotions to rise within you, but this is part of the process, not the end result so don’t treat it as such. Each moment, each conversation, each happening – choose what you feel is best. Don’t jump too far ahead. That will only cause suffering. Be here now, in retreat for yourself and build a well of peace within instead of focusing on the material world. Do what you must to support yourself.