Dump & Date

Happy Thursday Loves,

As soon as Christmas day arrives, I feel as though a new year has begun. I know the “actual” new year isn’t for several more days or so – but this in between week is always transitional for me. I start looking at what projects I can wrap up. What promises have been unkept. How can I best enter in to the new year – no strings attached.

One of the many things I’m looking at is my money routine. What am I doing that serves me? What am I doing that hinders me? Something I always struggle with is the roller coaster. It’s difficult for me to maintain consistency in giving my money attention, balancing the books, keeping the Faith, etc.

Whilst thinking about this I was reminded of a fun exercise I hosted in ROOTED back in 2011. If you’d like to shake up your money conversation, pain free, do this fun exercise today.