Moving Closer to God & Other Things


It’s 4:50 pm on a Sunday evening. The Mister is off into town playing in a disc golf tournament, the wee one is resting in the living room watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I am sitting at the dining room table, laptop at fingertips, drinking a Sprite my Dad just brought me. Beside me lies some Nabisco Easy Cheese (Cheddar) swirled onto buttery ritz crackers as I finally make it back to my blog to share a bit of myself.

I suppose the breaks I take from writing personally are the times I am in the process of becoming someone else. It’s in the transition that I can’t find the words. And it’s clear that who I am becoming is someone moving closer to God. Sometimes it appears as though I take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back, but that too is an illusion. Because when I come back, and I always return – I feel lighter than before. More willing to let go.

Each layer peeled back reveals something from the shadows that always ends up crossing over into the Light…. eventually.

Three times this weekend from two different movies and a commercial, I heard the phrase, “Be the hero of your own story.” I don’t take those communications lightly. It has me thinking about what that means for me. If I were to be the hero of my own story, what would I be doing differently?

Favorite Thing: My home. I love everything about it.

Focus: Bringing God into Everything.

Letting Go of: Feeling stupid. Needing my thoughts and writing to be perfect or make sense before I hit publish.

Sawyer: Loves to ride it bike. Play with his friends next door and he’s definitely telepathic.

Brawn: It’s kind of amazing to be with someone I know will love me always. Even and especially when I’m at my worst.

A Prayer

Holy Spirit, please guide my spiritual studies so that I may become more in alignment with the essence of true forgiveness. Help erase the Ego from my experience. I ask that you please help me in my role as a mother. Help me be the kind of mom that will most support Sawyer in his becoming. Jesus, please lead the way. I will follow. Amen.