Crossing the Fiery Threshold

On Saturday I attended a one night Goddess retreat hosted by Lisa Carmen of SacredSexyU in Boyd, Texas at A Day Away Retreat. We were honoring the Hawaiian Goddess Pele.

I spent the afternoon bathing in their amazing salt water pool, doing some art journaling and I even made my own version of a Mala without the specific bead count.

At night, after dinner one of the ladies attending the retreat performed a fire-dance with her hoop. It was a beautiful thing to watch and certainly provoked the energies of Pele within each of us.

After the fire-dance we moved over to special location underneath some low hanging trees, decorated with white lights and an altar. The very same altar I got married under just a little over a year ago.

Only this time, the altar was decorated with red hanging streamers and ribbons, symbolizing fire. Tonight, the altar was our threshold.

Representing two paths for each of us; one we wish to leave behind and on the other side, the path that waits to embrace us. The one we desire to be walking on in the present.

Then, it was my turn to cross.

With a circle of women, all dressed in red, circled around me with drums, tambourines, maracas and other noise makers I was asked, “What threshold are you crossing over tonight?

I declared the threshold I was crossing not of Motherhood – though at first I felt like it was. But rather the threshold of becoming a conscious family.

I feel as though I became a Mother when I felt the first kick in my belly. But in the coming 38 days, when our new baby boy enters into this world The Mister and I will have officially become a family of 3 and that feels so special to me.

The ladies in red accepted my declaration of threshold and began drumming and chanting as I walked under the altar, through the fiery ribbons, to the next phase of my life….

“I create my family. I trust in love.”

I marched slowly to the beat of the their voices and drums.

Savoring each step of what was and moving towards the possibility of what will be.

On the other side of the threshold, I was greeted by another fiery woman who placed a lei around my neck, welcoming me to my new life.

After each woman had walked through the threshold, both literally and of their own definition, we held a burning bowl ceremony where each of us released our fears to the Universe. Surrendering all that we felt was holding us down.

It was in that moment I realized, the fear I had been experiencing around death and the idea of my husband passing was merely the ego’s way of keeping me from embracing my truest potential of happiness in this moment.

I wrote my thoughts on a piece of paper and set it aflame. As the paper burned, it seemed to coil into a beautiful lotus flower before it fell to ashes in the fire pit before us.

I knew in that moment, The Universe heard my cries and I was free.

As you celebrate love, you create your very existence. What you do for yourself, you are also doing for the world.

Lori-Lyn Hurley, Guidance from Spirit Allies (from a personal reading I received from Lori-Lyn.)