3 Ways to Make Room for Happy

Lately I feel as though I am the happiest I’ve ever been.

It isn’t because this is the time in my life when The Universe has chosen to reward me with joy – it’s because of all the hard work I’ve put into having this experience of my own life.

Choosing to live a happy life isn’t a choice you make one time, it’s a decision you make every waking moment of every day.

It all started back in 2007 when I learned that I could choose my emotions.

From then on, I’ve been excelling at guiding others how to choose and create their own happiness.

But more importantlyI’ve been walking the talk myself and picking up different techniques along the way that making choosing joy easy and fun.

The process has been incredibly rewarding.

So today, I have decided to share a few of my favorite to do that bring more happy into my life. My wish is that you allow these ideas to flood into your own life to help you create more joy for yourself and those around you.

Connect to Your Inner Child

I use journaling for just about everything. Try out these writing prompts to help you tap into your inner child. I recommend reading this post from my friend Lisa before diving into the journaling….

  • The little one within me is asking for ______________ today. I will grant her wish by ______________.
  • Another wonderful way of connecting with your inner child is doing things you LOVED doing when you were a wee one. For me, it was mud pies, for you – it could be anything! If you don’t remember what you loved when you were a kid call someone who was a part of your childhood and ask.

A Trip to the Thrift Store

  • Pick a room, an area of your home; a drawer, a cabinet or even take on the whole house and box up anything that A) you haven’t used in over 6 months and/or B) no longer inspires you. I do this about once a month. It keeps my home full of inspiration and free of stuff I don’t need or want.

The more space you clear out around you, (physically, emotionally, mentally) the more room there is for happy.

Choose Happy Thoughts

  • Surround yourself with people, books, websites, conversations and events that make you laugh. Laughing should be a priority on your list. Not only does it inspire happy and promote your health, but it is one of the ultimate and easiest ways to experience joy in life.
  • Change your schedule. Sometimes I wake up in the morning completely uninspired and joyless. These are the days I look at my schedule to see what can be rearranged. I like to perform at my peak. So if I have day where I am ‘off’, I do what I can to recharge and reboot. Often for me, that means stepping away from the computer and getting outside or spending time with friends.

Don’t let these 3 things limit you to your happiness experiment. If you were reading this post and an idea came to mind, run with it!

Like I always say, your intuition trumps ALL. The more you listen to that voice within and grant its wishes the more happy and abundance will find you.


Off to frolic in the fields,

 Photo Credit: Lori Paquette