Home, Sweet Home

living room yellow

We’ve been in our new house for about a month now and I am settling quite nicely. We had a house-warming party a couple of weeks after we moved in and that really gave me a push to get things unpacked and pretty some of the spaces up. We decided to repaint the walls in the living room, dining room and hallway oyster white. They were previously a pale yellow, as you can see in the picture below, taken by Alyece.

yellow living room

The Mister was my knight and shining armor, rallying me and partnering in the painting work. (Painting always *sounds* like a good idea…)

I am so in love with this house. No matter the color of the walls, or how tall the grass gets after all this rain (on an acre and a half without a lawn mower. Thank goodness for friends and my Padre!), or the chiggars that always seem to find their way onto my panty line. I. Love. This. House. From the moment I stepped onto the property at the gate, I felt a sense of peace and home. I’m so freakin’ grateful.

It’s fun to go back and read about the moments when we had no idea how everything would unfold and we were just crossing our fingers it landed in our favor and it totally did.

I hope that as I move forward on other adventures in my life I remember how divinely it all works out, always. I can go back, day by day and remember the stress I was feeling and pressure I felt like I was under, but there was never a moment when it wasn’t falling into place. I just had to keep showing up, and well, what would have served me more, is to have had some more faith.

Even after all of the miracles in my life, I still have my moments of skepticism.

After the Painting

So this is what the living room area looks like at the moment. I’ve already rearranged things twice in the month we’ve been here. So I assure you the next pic you see will things will be in all kinds of different places. Space-creating is my therapy.

Megan Monique Living Room

You’ll have to pardon the light streaks in my photo. I’m no professional. 🙂

There are so many other fun ideas we have in store for this sweet space. A screened in porch, a pallet wall (ish), an outdoor fire pit area, new landscaping. I have intentions of mapping out projects in bite size pieces month by month in my passion planner.

One first small things I’d like to do is replace some of the light switch and outlet covers and provide ones for the places there aren’t any. I’ll probably be hitting up Lowes for those pieces or maybe I’ll make some of my own.

If you find something you think I might like, send it to me on Pinterest.

Until Next Time,
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