Let’s Be Honest…

For the past few months my friend Lori-Lyn and I have been slowing brewing a project called Ponder.

It’s taken many shapes and forms. And will most likely continue to do that over time. But there is one thing that has remained consistent is the mission of our vision;

A stronger, truer connection with ourselves and our Omnipresent Spirit. (*om·ni·pres·ent – present everywhere at the same time.)

One of the most valuable aspects of nurturing this relationship is seizing the opportunity to be honest with ourselves about anything and everything.

Honesty is the backbone of a strong, healthy relationship (with ourselves and others). Usually when something feels “off” it’s because we aren’t being honest with ourselves about something. And the only way to know what the best solution is for our “problem” – is to be really honest about what our “problem” is in the first place.

Here are some of the truths I’ve encountered in my own life over the past month or so…

  • I’m scared I won’t be able to maintain my entrepreneurial spirit while also being a Mom.
  • I worry The Mister will get bored of me and our relationship. That we won’t always have the spark for each other that’s always been there before.
  • Letting The Wee One stay with family on the weekends, although good for him and me, leaves me feeling guilty and nervous.
  • Not contributing to our families financial state leaves me feeling unworthy and invaluable.
  • I feel that the vision I have for my future is not good enough.

Some of that was hard for me to put out there! Being vulnerable does have its perks. Now that these looming fears are out in the open I can see them for that they are. Fears.

When they are in my head floating around, devouring my happiness they tend to grow and fester.

In this space of honesty and transparency, I can see where I need to move forward from here in not only dissolving these fears, but hearing and answering the desire that lives on the other side of them.

If you’d like to get honest with yourself in a safe place full of love and support, consider joining us for The Ponder Experience – sign up here.