How I Became A Morning Person

I seem to be present to the lessons of my life now more than ever.

I imagine it is because for the first time, I have one very big thing to focus on instead of a million tiny distractions.

It’s interesting how our lives shift when our attention is placed on just one thing.

Last week I wrote about how pregnancy taught me what it means to create my own experience without the influence of others.

This morning while I was sipping my cup of coffee on the front porch, I was thinking about what else I had learned from my pregnancy experience.

I was reminded about moving slowly.

I’ve always been a fast-paced girl. If you’ve ever worked with me, you know that I spit out a course or project in a matter of days. And though my creativity shows up in spurts like that, my enthusiasm for my creations die out just as quickly.

During my pregnancy, I have learned to move slower. Stopping each moment to check in with myself and ask, is this what I want to be doing right now? Is this what excites me and makes me come alive? Would I rather be taking a nap?

I’ve found so much power, peace and magic in my days by moving with the flow of my energy and that of The Universe instead of the rhythm of my own schedule or to-do list.

Before pregnancy I would have seen this way of living as impossible. But now that I have moved into it, I can’t imagine moving out of it.

The brilliant thing is that everything (even more than before) still gets done. 

  • I no longer struggle with waking up early. I get up when my body says it’s ready and most of the time it’s between 6:30 and 8:00am.

  • Rooms in my home no longer go left unkept – now, they call to me, asking to be cleared and I answer that calling with joy and pleasure. 

  • Projects and courses are still being created. Only now they are put into the world with careful consideration when they are ready to be birthed instead of on the tail of my own over-eager enthusiasm. 

It’s a beautiful thing this peace I’ve found. I invite you, even if only for one hour or one day a week to move just a bit slower. Listening to your spirit. Ask it for what it needs and then answer. Trust the flow of your own energy and allow it to sync with that of The Universe. There, you will find harmony.

 Photo: Pink Glitter Flowers from The Mister