How to Make Changes in Your Life

I talk a lot about the stories we tell ourselves in my writing.

Mostly because life is a series of stories that either are or aren’t working for us.

If something is going your way, let’s say you’re in love with your job – it’s because the story you are telling yourself about the experience of your job is one that supports the idea that you are in love with it. Your energy has become invested in your story and your energy supports that story.

The same goes if you find your job undesirable. Check out your story. Chances are you’re showing up with a story that supports the experience of your job being not-so-awesome.

This isn’t to say that the circumstances you experience in your situation aren’t disaligned with where you want your life to be. This could be true as well.

However, our worlds are created by our stories and our stories are our perception. The first step in changing the life you see around you is changing your perspective of said life.

And we do this, by first, changing our story.

Here are a few steps to help you make the shift…

What area of your life do you find to be unsatisfactory at the moment?

– What story have you been telling yourself about it?

Example: Right now I find my relationship to my body to be unsatisfactory. The story I am telling myself about it is that working out is hard, losing weight will be difficult and it hasn’t worked before, so I doubt it will work now.

– What experience would you like to have if the situation was transformed?

– What evidence can you find around you to support this story right now?

Example: The experience I would like to have is that healthy weight finds me easily and I find pleasure in moving my body each day. The evidence I can find of this right now is that I have a strong desire to have this experience and I get excited when I think about the possibility of being regularly active.

  • Rewrite the story of you and your situation as if it’s already happening right now. Get down to the nitty gritty of why your new experience is so wonderful.
  • Read it everyday and continue to write about it each day until it becomes easier and easier to believe.
  • Search for evidence of your new, very desirable experience being true every day. 

And just like that, our lives become transformed.

Photo Credit: Syda Howery