It’s kind of like cramps, only worse.


If you’re a subscriber to my blog you’re probably truth seeker, like me. You want the best that life has to offer and when you realize that you’re the only one standing in your way, you kindly do your best to get the hell out of the middle of the road.

The only thing is, some collisions are unavoidable.

We’d be naive to think that we cannot be touched pain. That our lives will be built of white fluffy clouds, rainbows and glitter 100% of the time. Without darkness, there is no light.

But there is a gift in this pain. In this fucking. Pain.

When our heart breaks, when an unserving belief leaves our body, when we release something we’ve been holding onto for a very long time – our energetic, emotional, spiritual, physical muscles contract to fill the space that is now empty.

Very similar to what happens when we menstruate. You know what cramps feel like. That shit hurts.

Sharing our truth allows the walls to crumble. It gives us an opportunity to rebuild – only on our terms, not on those of our past or upbringing.

The pain sucks. It’s the pits. But it has purpose. In my experience of these momentary, wild, emotional hurricanes – it’s best to make yourself as comfortable as possible, cry as much as you can, spend a little time alone, write it out, trust that this is the most important part of the process of releasing and take baby steps to move out of the space you’re in (after about 3 days or less of sulking and eating chocolate donuts, of course.)