This is a list of the people I love from my own personal experiences with their being +/or services + the profound influences they have had on my own life.

→ Intuitive Connection

Lori-Lyn Hurley ♥ When my head feels so foggy I can’t think straight, I get in touch with Lori-Lyn. LL has a unique way of channeling messages from our guides. The messages I receive are always spot on + exactly what I need to hear.

Limitless Megan ♥ Trained in Chinese Face reading + interpreter of Earth Elements, Limitless Megan is a powerhouse of knowledge + information. I contact this Queen when I need a deeper understanding of something I am experiencing in my own life.


→ Astrology

Jennifer Shelton ♥ Love the planets much? Jennifer Shelton is a rockstar astrologer. Understanding the planets + their patterns has never been something that has come easily to me. It functions more as a foreign language. But Jennifer has a way of translating the language of our solar system into something digestible + relatable for each of us.

KV at Aquarius Nation ♥ Speaks my language when it comes to astrology and is an incredible channel for all things universal love. I mention her in this blog post. KV shares horoscopes and energetic coverage during our Moon cycles and other astrological happenings. Everything I’ve ever read from her is spot on. All my friends agree.


→ Dream Interpretation

Kim Larocque ♥ Kim dishes out a dream interpretation like no other. In the mornings, I write down my dreams + when I get stuck, I hire Kim. The way she relates to our dream-experiences is incredibly unique. She has perspective that leaves me in awe.


→ Business Brilliance

Tara Gentile ♥ With impecable business + marketing instincts, Tara Gentile is leading the online-preneur into a new dimension of inovation + creative thinking when it comes to how we operate in terms of abundance + ethics.

Marie Forleo ♥ Every Tuesday, Marie sends out a video to her subscribers that’s jam-packed with business brilliance. Even on the days where the videos don’t necessarily related to my own business, I still learn something from Marie’s own delivery + publication.


→ Parenting + Self Love

Shannon Kinney-Duh ♥ Never have I ever met a woman so magical in how she lives her life. I had the pleasure of visiting Shannon LIVE + in person + was completely inspired by the way she mothered with patience + curiosity. Shannon’s creativity + love for life + sharing it with others in her own unique way is a constant inspiration for me.

Hannah Marcotti ♥ With gentleness + acceptance, Hannah shows her spirit to the world by genuinely + authentically sharing her life experiences with others. A mother of 3 + enchanted story teller, Hannah reminds me what it means to be grounded + true to myself.


→ Sexuality + Pleasure

Lisa Carmen ♥ Goddess of pleasure + sensuality, Lisa Carmen is bold + bodacious when it comes to experiencing passion in our lives (in all shapes + forms). Lisa believes that pleasure is our birthright + shares tools + techniques with hundreds of women all over the metroplex.


→ Body + Beauty

OmShantiNaturals ♥ I’ve been showering with OmShantiNaturals soap for over a year now + haven’t bought another body wash, since! OmShanti Kate pours her soaps + scents with love + consideration. Her promise is my favorite part; crap free guaranteed!


→ My Current Reading List

Spirit Animals ♥ Stefanie Weiss uses 9 different illustrators to make this book come alive. She shares the animals origins, how + when to call upon the guidance of these animals + their symbolism. Needless to say, I am in love.

Fire Starter Sessions ♥ Who doesn’t love Danielle LaPorte? This book is thought-provoking + idea inspiring. Every time I pick it up I fall in love with the popping visual appeal of the design, + myself all over again. Danielle provides profound questions that help you get to the core of YOU + your PURPOSE here.

A Return to Love ♥ This book might never leave my current reading list. I pick it up over + over again + always find new inspiration. Marianne Williamson’s interpretation of A Course in Miracles leaves me enlightened + connected to myself + God, time + time again.