Layers of Life and Feather Collecting

Thoughts and Other Things: Layers of Life

The Morning

4:20 am I wake up to Sawyer calling for me from his bedroom. But before my feet hit the floor, my eyes meet the almost Full Moon hanging in the center of the window above my bed. It’s early, but life is magic.

He gets up and goes to the couch requesting water. I spill my first attempt all over the floor. The cat arrives to drink it up. I throw some dish towels over the puddle and fall back under the covers.

The alarm goes off at 6 – who really needs a shower anyway? I sleep until 6:30 and move through the house turning lights and cartoons on while I cuddle Mr. Whiskerbottoms in my arms and began making boy’s lunch.

On the way to school he eagerly (and not for the first time) declares he doesn’t want to grow up because he doesn’t want to get married. I tell him, he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to.

I’m at HEB getting Marley her snacks, some TP and paper towels for the space and food for cooking.

Next stop, Heather & Josh’s house. Chef Josh will make us food while we watch Marley parade around the room as H and I discuss the many layers and happenings of life around us. The word “interesting..” is used a lot.

Coffee with hazelnut creamer, home fried potatoes with crunchy fresh flavored red bell pepper, onion, chives, and Monterrey Jack cheese. Crispy applewood smoked bacon and a pancake. Be still my heart.

Chef Josh has a way with food. Satisfaction. Achieved.

I arrive at the space. The room is so quiet, the only noises are the typing of my keyboard, the tick of the clock, and the mumble of voices coming from The Studio, Stevi‘s hair salon next door.

I enjoy the ways my day’s flow. No rushing. Being present in each moment, as much as possible. Allowing the feeling of the feelings and the speaking of the words and the appreciating of all the pieces.

Life moves and changes so quickly… and then.. it doesn’t.

The Afternoon

Two different coaching sessions with two beautiful, grounded, spirit-loving women.

I get to experience a better life because they’ve chosen to work with me. The perception. The monetary exchange. The shifts and transformations. It feeds my soul. And theirs.

I’m grateful I was courageous enough to offer myself up in this way. I appreciate that they were brave enough to say yes.

September is our last month together before a new semester begins. Will you be a part of my next round? Here are the details.

I walk down the alley to our landlord’s office, backpack purse on, Texas heat rising, and drop our rent check through the mail slot by the outside of the door.

It feels good to have this off my lists of to-dos for the day. I always go through labor pains when it comes time to pay the bills.

I’m working on creating and allowing for a new experience. I’m ready for a new experience and I appreciate the awareness my current experience provides.

The Evening

An early dinner of Whataburger before soccer practice. It’s not what sounds good to me, but it’s hot outside and my vehicle is without air conditioning and it’s on the way home and I’ve managed to put off grocery shopping for the house for another day.

I pass by two gas stations that are out of gas. The world as we know it is in upheaval. Even nature is causing chaos and conflict. Dramatic contrasts are all around us. Things are falling into a new order.

“This world is an illusion. Only God’s love is real.” I remind myself.

I get home, eat and pull a couple of Oracle cards for my coaching clients. The cards feel familiar and relevant to my own life as well. One of the many reasons I love doing this work.

We’re all evolving inside of our own experiences… but together. It’s magic.

Nana and Papa come to Sawyer’s soccer practice. I’m so grateful to have them in our lives. I enjoy observing how they engage and love the boy and all his wild ways.

Sawyer.. is a ham. Always looking to see who’s watching. But he’s fast and quick to pick things up… when he can focus enough to listen.

A cold front descended upon us as we watched the kids run around the field. A quick breeze and pink skies blessed us as our practice wrapped up.

The Mister drives slow down our dirt road as we make our way home. Watching closely for fallen feathers left behind by the wandering black rooster and two ducks that waddle to and fro together throughout the day.

He is a feather magnet. I am a feather collector.

Sawyer falls asleep quick and easy. (sweet.)

Tomorrow I have a full day at the space in my #ShopGirl hat. But first..

Foot rubs from The Mister and a few episodes of The Office to top off the day.