The pain of letting go

the pain of letting go

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I started off by saying, “I’ve been reading A Course in Miracles again and a passage I read made me want to speak with you about experiencing peace in relationships. [insert pause] There are times everything feels really smooth in my marriage and friendships. And there are times when I can’t seem to find peace anywhere I look. I just get so fucking irritated sometimes.” 

Mali, my goddess of a spiritual mentor said, “Oh – you mean you’re human?”

I laughed and settled into that bold, but completely truthful reminder.

… I am human. 

There is something A Course in Miracles says that I often find myself thinking of and sharing with others;  this isn’t word for word, but it goes something like this:

God/Goddess/Universe/Holy Spirit cannot heal our wounds unless we show them to him.

And I feel like that goes for our relationships too. If we have a complaint or request, how can we expect that they be met or “healed” unless we “show them” or share them with the other person in the relationship?

Our desires are our own. Having them or indulging in them doesn’t make us wrong or bad.

However. If our desires or actions lead us astray for our truest essence. Our core values. Our highest self – then our approach to meeting our desires must be reexamined.

When you feel like you’re ready to let go; do everything you know how to do to feel good. Find your joy. Paint. Yoga. Frolic in fields of daisy. If you don’t feel resolved, reach out to trusted friends. Energy workersSpiritual mentors. Church. And if you still don’t feel resolved. Surrender. Let go. Give up. Admit defeat and release.

The golden light surrounding this electric creative wholeness human experience is that we don’t have to have all the answers or figure it out in order to heal. We can simply surrender. Have faith and receive healing.

The pain we experience in the process is often the struggle we create in trying to hold on when something is ready to leave our space.

If you’ve been feeling like it’s time to let go. I want you to take this as an invitation to do just that, let go.