Liberation & The Wild Unknown

Dear Spirit,

I want to be gentler with myself. I want to stop the mental abuse. I want to feel free from the chains of my mind and liberated out into the wild unknown. I want to feel safe. At all times. I want to swim in pools of love crafted for me by my ancestors. I want to know that, that love is real and is mine. Any time I want it.

Spirit, I want to experience deep, deep love 100% of the time in my marriage. I want connection to consistently be alive and thriving and a beckoning between the two of us. I want us to grow and learn and expand and know and travel and be awesome and happy and joyous and… and… and… EVERYTHING.

I want to learn to know myself again, purely, authentically, me. I want to having a knowing about what I am capable of, minus the procrastination.

I want questions like “am I doing enough?” and “should I be doing more?” to not exist in mind’s eye. I want thoughts like “this is perfect. Keep going.” and “believe in your power.” to serenade me throughout my day.

I want these things. I know that experiencing this begins by embracing the love of Spirit every minute. I surrender my obstacles to you, God. I let go. I am one. I trust. I know. I believe. Amen.