My Sunday #LoveList (inspired by Lori-Lyn)

2015-09-18 13.31.01

Every week, Lori-Lyn creates her Love List and she has inspired to do something similar. A collection of things from my week that make me feel good. Things that have helped me let the love in. Words, creations, music, whateva! (Thanks for the inspiration, LL!) I might not post these lists weekly, but I’ve enjoyed keeping the draft throughout the week and adding to it and beautiful things arrive upon me.


Megan Monique Lewis and Sawyer Grey

Heather and I have recently began receiving audio sessions from Lori-Lyn for our partnership in business and for our friendship. These audios sessions feed our our souls and the souls of business in necessary and exciting ways. They help us make a plan of focus for the week and remind us of the ways we are right on path. If this sounds like something YOU might like, (for any reason,) you can sign up here.

Happy Birthday to Me!

On Friday, September 18th I had my 29th birthday. I woke up to donuts from my bestie, Heather. Which Sawyer so gracefully attempted to hand me.

Megan Monique Lewis Birthday Donuts

I spent sometime cleaning the house some and then my other BFF stopped by for lunch! She brought me tacos from our local favorite Mexican food restaurant and an adorable collection of succulents.

Food and plants. My friends know what I like! 🙂

It was the first time, maybe ever, I didn’t feel compelled to go out and party it up on my birthday weekend. Maybe it’s because I’ll be heading to Florida with and BFF on Thursday, or maybe I’m showing my age? Either way, I kept running over my options in my head and what sounded good to me. Not just that, but what felt good in my body (that is what we teach after all).

The answer to that, was to cuddle up on the couch with The Mister, Sawyer, and my computer and add a new vibe to my personal site. I’ve been wanting to write here more and it always helps having a pretty online presence that resonates with you. You like?

So that’s what I did. It was a low-key, enjoyable, very loving birthday.

Motley Turtle Art

I also received an awesome birthday postcard from Syday over at Motley Turtle Arts. Handmade gifts are my FAVORITE (just in case you ever want to send me something.:)

I could keep adding to the lists for ages. But I think I’ll wrap up here. I hope you have an amazing Sunday and have found inspiration in this read here, in some way.

Loving You Always,
♥ Megan Monique