The Love Yourself Jar


I live for breakthroughs.

I crave for epiphanies.

When these breakthroughs and ah-ha moments don’t show up, I get irritated.




I stomp my feet.

Cross my arms.

And sometimes, I even pout a little.

My health is something I have been pouting about for some time now. In my recent coaching program, it was brought to my attention that in the scheme of things, I put myself last.

I kind of already knew this, but I wasn’t really aware of just how bad it was until I missed an entire week of journaling for my coaching program. AN ENTIRE WEEK. Mind you this is something that I am paying for. Something that benefits mostly, me. & it was the first thing to get tossed.

What’s up with that, man?

Since I am still stuck in this crap without a breakthrough, I made a ‘Love Yourself’ jar to help me focus on caring for myself FIRST.

Each morning when I wake up, I will draw one of these Popsicle sticks & do what it tells me to for 30 minutes of my day.

I will probably jazz this jar up a bit more later, but for now it will do. I would love to see the Love Yourself jar YOU create.