Free Download: Mantras for Making Love

Not seeing how beautiful, capable, or talented you are can be a barrier to real connection in your relationships. – Mali Apple & Joe Dunn

I have these amazing friends, The Soulmate Experience.

I first met Mali on Twitter and then came to know both her and Joe in person when we met for a snack at Cafe Gratitude in San Rafael, California back in 2010.

Since then, Mali has been an inspiration in my life both on the relationship front and in my relationship to myself. She continues to encourage me to celebrate my own greatness daily. I often feel that Mali is one of my biggest fans, and I, hers.

Mali and Joe’s latest creation, Mantras for Making Love is a beautiful MP3 that is both relaxing and grounding.

While I don’t see The Mister and I listening to or chanting these together, I do see myself listening to the mantras in the future to find my calm and center.

(My Mister isn’t really into “this sort of thing”. But your significant other might be! I encourage you to take a listen and make the decision for yourself!)

Mantras for Making Love creates an easy channel for me to connect to myself in an intimate and warm way. For me, it inspires Self-Love and patience. Gratitude and peace.

If you’re looking to find some peace and patience within yourself and even your relationship, give Mantras for Making Love a listen. I’m interested to hear what you think! And just for a little while, sweet Mali has gifted this download to us fo’ free! Download here

Mantras for Making Love—soul-opening mantras and affirmations to create a space for profound intimacy and infuse your lovemaking with more connection, more passion, and more pleasure—is available here.