On Wednesday I made my way to Half Priced Books, one of my most favorite places in the world. I finally picked up my very own copy of A Course in Miracles.

I’m only on page 9 and I’m already inspired.

In the first chapter, the course lays out some guidelines that define the meaning of miracles. One “rule” in particular caught my attention.

 Miracles arise from a miraculous state of mind, or a state of miracle-readiness.

Particularly that term “miracle readiness” gets my cells vibrating!

It puts a new concept for being in my head.

I believe that miracles are constantly taking place all around us, every moment of everyday. We just don’t always (somes never) choose to acknowledge them.

But what if when I woke up in the morning, my intention for the day was to live in a state of miracle-readiness.

What would that look like?

I think it would give me more energetic fuel. I would start the day inspired instead of looking for a reason to be. I would be engaged in life in a way that has be constantly seeking and witnessing magic.


What does miracle-readiness look and feel like for you? How would it change how you go about your day? How would your thoughts shift?

Photo Credit: Lori Paquette