Monday Manifestations


I’ve spent a lot of time lately intently focusing on what I’m calling into my life. Specifically my ability to receive. After playing a game of “Thank you, it’s true.” with Briana and Jo Anna on my Asheville trip I’ve been greatly aware of how little I truly allow myself to receive in all ways.

Just hearing Briana call me beautiful made me uncomfortable in my skin. I started to cry and had to take a minute to let it all soak in. The denial, the non-receiving, the fear and doubt of it being true. And then, all I could say back was “Thank you, it’s true”. That’s the game, though. You take turns showering each other with compliments, and then, you receive.

Remarkable, really. Some of the simplest things are beyond powerful.



In the spirit of all this magical conjuring, I thought I’d make a list of where my focus is this week. I invite you to do the same. Write about it on your blog and link back here, or simply comment below with what you’re calling in. I love hearing your shares!

Okay, here’s what I got:

  • A wonderful, miraculous experience of moving with ease and closing on a┬áhouse we love in rapid speed and perfect timing.
  • (Another) breakthrough in my ability to receive monetary abundance personally.
  • A continuance of fun and play with Sawyer and expansion in my ability to hold space for his toddler energy.
  • Laughter, and lots of it.
  • More steps, joyfully taken towards our home ownership.
  • Many moments of intimate, genuine connection with The Mister.
  • More time and offerings for our online community.
  • A greater coming together of our downtown merchants committee.
  • Clutter clearing.
  • Space-creating.
  • $1500 for this very specific thing, for this very special reason.

My list could go on forever. Thank you for holding space for me as I conjure all of these things! Now it’s my turn. Comment below or comment about it and link back so I can share your intentions for fabulousness.

Cheers to a Powerful Week,

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