Negative Money Beliefs, Be Gone!

This week, on Monday, I received a Soul Spark video from Lori-Lyn Hurley. You can view it here. Normally, these videos are private, but I’d like you to get a taste of what they are.

LL told me that around the beginning of the week I was going to become present to a couple of my truths. Something that would turn my life in a new direction and boy was she right.

I wanted to share what I “got” this week with you here…

I’ve been neglecting my taxes. Pretending they don’t exist. That I’m the exception. That if I kept ignoring them, they would go away.

But lately I’ve been doing so amazing in my business. And my husband has too. It felt out of alignment with this vision I have for my life to keep ignoring this very important thing.

So for the first time. In a very long time. I reached out to a tax person a friend recommend to me.

I already knew I was afraid of doing my taxes. It all felt really overwhelming. I even mentioned that in my letter to the tax person.

But what I didn’t realize until I started on the process of filing is that I’ve carried the belief for years that accounts, investors and financial people in general are out to get you. That they want to take your money.

When I felt and heard this belief coming up for me, I looked around for evidence and to my surprise, I found little.

What I did find evidence of is that all of the financially savvy and well-off people I admire have their own set of money people.

So sure, there are probably some “money people” out there that don’t have your best interest at heart. But that’s not everyone. 

After I started talking with Christopher, my new money person, I felt totally reassured and comfortable. He didn’t talk to me like I was stupid or made bad decisions (something I secretly feared.)

He was curtious and understanding. In one email he even said “Great visiting with you. Try not to stress about it, I know it’s worry some but you’re on the right track now! :)”

How cool is that?!

So. If you’re out there, procrastinating on your taxes for all the reasons you have. Take a step and imagine how you might feel if all of your p’s and q’s were in order.

And how much smoother your business might run because of it.

Love You,