Note to Self: Apples and Oranges

This post was inspired by Susannah Conway recent blog post, The Permission Slip

Note to Self:

There’s no need to compare yourself or your work to anyone else’s.

Apples and oranges, baby.

No one is really better than anyone else. Everyone has a category all their own.

The sooner you realize this, the more quickly you will be able to reach your highest potential and purpose in all that you do.

You know the way that you look at other peoples lives with admiration and yearning?

Well my dear, people are looking at you with that same admiration. Right. Now.

When you feel lost in the possibilities – your truth will always set you free.

Those moments that you take to really feel the good feelings inside of you, is the fuel that keeps your world skipping down that yellow brick road of awesome.

*take more of those moments.

Put your Faith in God. Trust the path. Let your faith grow.

Be in integrity.

Love yourself often. Very often.

And know that it’s okay not to hold on so tight. You’ll remember all the good stuff.