Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

The Moon represents our emotional nature. Though there are many variables taking places all at once astrologically, I have found that noticing what sign the moon resides in helps me understand those emotional currents that sometimes consume us without warning.


November 6 – 8, 2018

The Moon will be in Scorpio on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. You might be feeling your sacral chakra more activated, this is your center for creation. This is a time when we can utilize the moons energies to clarify and tune into your money practices and relationships. Scorpio energy is a very mysterious and is excellent at keeping secrets. Consider what ways you might keep yourself at this time. In what circumstances have you overshared and regretted afterwards? While the Moon is in Scorpio this week, channel your true feminine essence. There is a soft, sultry tone available to us all.


These are high-frequency times, friends. While we are in these watery Scorpio vibes it’s important for you to remember that your headspace and how you’re feeling inside of yourself emotionally is your highest priority. This is a time when psychic downloads and insights are waiting to pour into your consciousness. This may be knowledge that was already within you, but have forgotten or haven’t yet learned how to access it for yourself. The best way to receive these downloads are to spend time in quiet contemplation whether you are meditating, writing, or spending time alone in nature. Some of the answers you have been looking for will come to you at this time if you are willing to listen. Do not make it over complicated. Take what you know and leave the rest. There is no wrong choice. Just choices that bring you information.


  • Spend quiet time alone in reflection
  • Dance or do hip circles to awaken your sacral chakra
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep to yourself during this time
  • Observe the actions of others without needing them to change
  • Focus on yourself right now

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