Perception Collecting & Astrological Understandings

Perception Collecting & Astrological Understandings

You know Lori-Lyn, don’t you? She an incredible woman and she also happens to be one of my online friends. (Lucky me!) We met on Twitter some years ago and over the years we’ve done lots of offerings together. Our latest adventure takes us on a conversation journey one question or discussion piece at a time. The post you find yourself reading today is lucky #3 in our series and has come about three months later than I anticipated. But after some moving, shaking and settling into a new homestead, I’m happy to pick back up and find our rhythm!

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I’m really into personality types – things like the Myers-Briggs and Enneagram – and I find that knowing my type and the types of the people I spend time with helps me deepen my understandings and navigate situations (relationships). My question for you is – do you have a favorite tool for getting clear and strengthening your relationships with other people? Is there something you do or employ that allows you to see yourself and others more clearly?

Well LL, I too have always loved personality tests, astrology charts, and quizzes in Seventeen Magazine (once upon a time) that told me more about who I was, because it seems I’ve always been trying to figure that out. But lately, I’ve more curious in knowing myself through the eyes of God than anything else. Which is far more satisfying than anything I could have dreamt up for myself.

Coming up on two years ago I received my astrology birthchart book from KV of and that was definitely one of the tools that allowed me to forgive myself. Many of the things she shared in that book were me 100%. Nobody could have made it up. Specific. On point. Enlightened perspective. I loved it so much I encouraged all of my friends to get theirs.

Many of them did and they shared pieces of their book with me. Some of that helped me gain a better understanding of them as well.

So I guess what I’m saying is, I like to use people’s zodiac signs to gain a better understanding of them.

::insert a whiff of patchouli lingering in the air here::

After my birthchart book, though I didn’t make the correlation until now, I intentionally began seeking out the North, Sun, Rising, and Moon signs of my friends and family.

  • Scorpios are sensual and love/are good with numbers. They are very hard workers.
  • Aries often have short, but fueled bursts of anger.
  • Leos are practically unwavering when they’ve made up their minds about something and they take great pride in themselves and their work.
  • Pisces are a little all over the place when it comes to their mood. They are passionate, confident, successful people.
  • Taurus people seem to hold themselves to a very high standard and when they want something, they want it. Perhaps even a hint of stubborn.
  • Sagittarians are studious and loyal.
  • Capricorns. Go-getters. Goal setters. Full steam ahead.
  • Aquarians seem to be in search of something that’s always changing form and can be sometimes difficult to satisfy.

I don’t know very many Cancers or Geminis, and I am a strong blend of Virgo and Libra so it’s hard for me to say on those two. Though I am rather impressed with how I’ve come along on my studies so far! I didn’t realize I’ve collected such a well-rounded knowledge until your question. Thank you, LL! 🙂

Aside from this recent development of astrological understanding, I feel I have been, unknowingly, a perception-collector my whole life. It’s always been very easy for me to relate to the other person’s point of view. Though, this was something I didn’t learn to really exercise in a way that benefited other people until after I was 22 or 23.

Before I wrap up, I want to answer this portion of your question specifically:

Is there something you do or employ that allows you to see yourself and others more clearly?

Yes. There is. And the tool is love. God’s love and Light. There have been a couple of times in the last year or more where I’ve been talked at. Called names. Talked down to. While those experiences caused me pain, after I allowed myself to feel all the feelings, it boiled down to fear. The only reason for anyone to ever act in a non-loving way is because deep down, some part of them is afraid.

And I can totally relate to that. Fear is something I surrender to my Higher Power every day, many times a day.

It doesn’t excuse anyone’s behavior, or keep me from creating healthy boundaries, but it does allow me to find forgiveness for them and my own role in the situation. No matter the misunderstanding, or actions, I know that they too are a child of Love and Light, and that’s something I’m always willing to hold space for.

So there ya have it. That’s all I have to say about that! And now, Lori-Lyn Hurley the Beautiful – here is my question for you::

I love how much time you spend in spiritual study. It is truly inspiring to me. You have such a strong presence of Mother Mary or Mary Magdalene within you. I can feel their love and comfort shine through you and your work. Even your snapchat videos! What I want to know is, on the topic of spirituality/God/The Universe, what belief or idea are you currently struggling with or trying to wrap your mind around?

I look forward to reading your answer!
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