Photoblog: 25 Week Pregnancy Hoedown

My trip to Galveston wasn’t all that I hoped it would be. As you can tell from some of the photos below, it was rather windy. But when I returned home The Mister had surprised me by painting the nursery (which I was dreading) and that was a lovely welcome home.

I have my next doctors appointment May 12th. It’s hard to believe there’s only 93 days left in my pregnancy. I’m so curious about the person we are bringing into this world.

I love this new dress I purchased before I went to the beach. It’s so comfy and super cute! I’m guessing it’ll be one of my summer favorites.

It was really windy out. So I had to show a little leg to get a better picture. >wink wink<

The Mister left to go out of town yesterday and he just happen to leave while I was getting a fabulous massage. When I returned home, these beautiful wild flowers were waiting for me on my computer. I luff them. And him.

I hope you are making the most of your days this Spring and letting lots of love into your life. If you feel up for it, join my friends and I for a free meditation circle on May 1st.

Talk to you Soon,