Poverty & Spirit

Poverty and Spirit

On Friday, I watched The Shift by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Ever since then, my emotional state of mind has been processing something. It’s definitely showing up in my physical expression and waking life as well. I’m practicing being gentle with myself and allowing whatever this is to flow through me while it’s here. But it is heavy and emotional and confusing.

The confusing part reminds me am not done with the processing.

It seems to be showing me the experience of poverty. And I don’t mean that in a literal way. My family and I are not living in poverty. But others who are, seem to be finding me. All of them in different experiences of it. I can feel in my body, the tension and stress that, that brings about. I can even see how, in my own fears around money and security, the tension builds in my chest and ribcage.

And you know, now that I am writing this out, I remember not too long ago having a conversation with Joan at Unity Coffee about the poverty all around us and how do we help bring healing to that?

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While the emotions of this situation feel very complicated and uncertain, there is one message I know to be true and regardless of the circumstances of any situation.

Our one true truth is that we are infinite in God/Spirit/The Universe.

This human experience is only temporary. Our spiritual selves are forever.

So while this life as Megan Monique Lewis feels real and has very tangible pieces, it will not exist forever. Neither will this body. This life. This moment in time. This storm. This sunny day. This breeze. These friendships. These loves. Any of it.

Only Source energy is constant and eternal.

I think that this emotional and intellectual process I’ve been experiencing over the last few days, this “download” if you will, on the coming eve of the solar eclipse is asking me to create that degree of separation from the fear or worry and invite others to do the same.

The darkness that we feel at times is nothing in the Light of God. And I am, we are all children of the Light. Handing over my full self, over and over again, to Spirit.

Head & heart still churning.

I surrender,
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Important Sidenote:

This is a portion of what is going on in my head right now. There are 100s more points to elaborate on. I may or may not write more about this later. But this moment, I want to capture my current experience. Please know this places nothing upon you. However, if something sparks within you while you sift over the words, use the inspired moment as you please in your own life. I share myself with love and vulnerability. I ask that you do the same with your comments here. ♥

Animal Messengers:

A hummingbird showed up yesterday and again in the same spot today. Looking for food (or me) and then flying off. “Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration.” Add this to your Pinterest board.