Releasing Rules, Creating Freedom

We live in a society that operates on a series of rules. We can’t cross a street without following a few simple rules; look both ways. If you’re little – hold someones hand. Press the button to activate the cross walk.

Rules have their place and serve us well in a society of billions – but what about when we are following rules that harm us more than help us?

I started building my online business a little over two years ago. I’ve dabbled in coaching, graphic design, tarot reading, meditation creating, ecourse leading and social media strategy.

Since building my online business, I’ve only worked for myself. Sometimes operating as an independent contractor, but still – on my own terms.

At some point during this process, I created a rule for myself that the site I had created was there to

  1. share my experiences with the world and
  2. help me make money off the services I provide.

As you well know, the need to make money can be some what of a burden at times. It can carry a sense of urgency and failure. Before too long, the beautiful creation I had made in the online world had become a burden for me.

I had unintentionally created the rule “this site is here to make me money” and began following it strictly without being completely aware of exactly what was going on.

I was feeling stagnant and uninspired – stuck in my own creation.

When I started talking about it with friends and stepping outside the stagnation I could see that the weight I was experiencing was completely money related.

It was in that moment I knew I needed to switch gears and re-establish what my intention was for my online business.

When we are supporting ourselves, it can be scary to let go of the importance we place on money. Ironically enough, it is usually that emphasis we place on it entirely that stops the cash from flowing to us.

The Universe rewards those who serve. I know this. You know this.

So what did I do? I took my mind away from the idea that my site was solely there to make money. And not only that, I let go of the idea that the only way I could make money was through the site I had created. Then I set a new intention. Instead of making money, my mission was to share love authentically with the world. In whatever ways inspired me and felt good to do so.

You might guess what happened next; my creativity resurfaced (as did my enthusiasm).

New ideas began blooming before my eyes and an abundance of cash began flooding into me from areas I didn’t even know were available to produce income.

This is my invitation to you; if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, under-joyed, or even blank. Step away from what you are submerged in and ask yourself what rules are you operating under. What rules have you created for yourself in this space? Are they helping you, harming you or holding you back? What new rules might you create to support the flourishment of your business, life, relationship, etc. rather than the downfall?

Remember, we are in charge of our own miracles, we create our own rules for success – stop standing in your own way today and create rules that serve you and lift you up!


Photo Credit: Lori Paquette