Karma Friendly Rules to Live By

Money is an Energy

I think this idea might of been planted in my head by Tara Gentile. Within the last year, I’ve adopted the mindset that each and everything I spend my money on (big or small) is an investment of my energy. Whether it’s paying bills, getting a pedicure, going to see a movie or buying groceries; each and every dollar I spend is me saying “this is what I believe in” to The Universe. It really has the power to shift how we spend our dollars and how our dollars find us in return.

Investing our money-energy into things that make us feel good only increases our financial wealth.  Tweet This!

Pay people what they’re worth

If you have the money and you know someone is undervaluing their services, pay them what you feel they are worth.

Money is an energy. When we generously let money go and invest in what you believe in, the flow of cash will meet you back tenfold. If you don’t have the money, figure out a way to offer them an even energy exchange. Do something for them that you feel is equally valuable.

Listen to + Trust Yourself

You don’t have to understand why you feel you need to a moment of solitude when you have a house full of people. Or why taking that trip into the city you planned earlier in the week just doesn’t feel quite right. Trust yourself. Sometimes the reasons reveal themselves, sometimes they don’t. But the rewards always surface one way or another.

The more we choose to take actions that align with what leaves us feeling good, the easier it becomes to be in the flow of life.

Photo Credit: Syda Howery