Sawyer and Rearranging Rooms

Thoughts and other things: Sawyer and Rearranging rooms

The Morning

On the way to school, out of the blue, Sawyer said, “Tonight I’m going to sleep really good.”

“Did you not sleep good last night?” I asked “No.” He said. “Cuz my Paw Patrol pups were pretending to talk to me all night long. They wouldn’t shut up! That’s why I had to keep my door shut.” (His door was wide open?) His stories crack me up.

After the school drop off I headed to the space and listed some of our books on instagram for a book sale. I really enjoy sharing our products on that channel. I love good photos so much.

The Afternoon

Nana, Papa, and Papa Roy arrive unexpectedly and quickly get after clipping the chickens wings. They’ve been pooing all over our porch. Boundaries are important.

I gave Nana a chatbook I had printed for her with photos of the cousins at the carnival and other ones of Brian, Sawyer and I throughout the year. I have seriously fallen off the printing-photos-wagon. It felt good to give her something tangible that she can share with others.

It seems just the presence of that woman creates momentum in my life. While they were clipping wings, I managed to clean a big portion of the house. Something I intended on putting off for another day. Thanks for the motivation, Nana!

Is it just me, or does having company over really encourage a quick and thorough clean up? I kind of like it. I’ll take the inspiration however it finds me.

The Evening

I have all my windows open. Palo Santo incense burning and later, I put a warm apple cider scentsy in the burner. This weather change has whisked me away and I’m not saying no. It’s never too early for Fall. 

The Mister spends time in his workshop assemling a new trelis for our entry way area outside. Amidst my cleaning I started rerranging our bedroom. Something I seem to find myself doing every season. We’ve officially lived in our home for a year in August and my bed has been in every possible position it can be in.

Rearranging spaces, creating a spacial experience is something I’ve loved doing for as long as I can remember. It’s a therapy for me. And in a lot of ways, the shift in the space is the answer to something my soul has been seeking.

In my recent arrangement, my side of the bed is in a corner of the room with a small walk way. I makes me feel as though I’m being held and craddled. It makes me feel safe. 

Sawyer fell asleep in the living room chair before he made it to the dinner table. The golden light from the setting sun shone through the dining room window. The breeze off the 80 degree weather caught our mustard yellow curtain as it floated behind me. We had a few moments of quiet while we shared a meal together. A rareity. I appreciate it. 

How so many things stay the same and every thing changes.

Bedtime is approaching and Sawyer is up later because of his spontaneous napping. I find myself sitting in my cozy corner purusing instagram. Sawyer is stretched out in front of me on his belly, typing out his ABC’s in notepad on my laptop. Brian is playing a game on his phone. I know in a lot of ways technology can be a nuesence. But there are a lot of things I appreciate about it.

Getting to share my thoughts like this with you here, for instance.

In that moment, when I looked up at his 5-year-old cuteness and the three of us just existing in life together in this small, but full way – love. My heart fills up. My appreciation happens in small moments like these. In the instance of a breath and then life carries on.

In the process of me moving things around I came across some old journals and planners. As I was flipping through the pages of 2013 and 2014, my jaw kind of dropped. I forgot how long I’ve been moving towards certain desires. I forgot how long I’ve been working to create this life experience. 

Isn’t it funny how when it comes to some things, no matter how long we’ve been at it – every day it feels like we’re just beginning? Or maybe that’s just me.