I’m So Selfish…

Oracle Readings

I have been an oracle card reader // spiritual guide // intuitive communicator for more than 6 years. Each year I practice, my confidence grows. I’ve delivered countless serendipitous messages in Divine timing and those that I have worked with have done the same for me.

My reason for doing this work is somewhat selfish, I’ll admit.

I host Soul Sessions because of the way they make me feel. When I’m sitting down with you, having an authentic conversation, getting to say all the things that, like magic, come into existence between us. There is no other time in my life when I feel so incredibly in connection with God/Spirit/the Universe.

And I mean, it makes sense. We are God’s children. So of course when I look into the eyes of a fellow human being I will receive Divine Love right back.

But this hour that we have together, just you and I. Perhaps, never to cross paths in this way again – it’s like watching the planets orbit. Each star perfectly in its place. Or the last puzzle piece falling into its groove. The first snowflake falling from the sky.

It is in the sessions I am reminded of how Spirit is working through each of us here on the planet in our own unique way. No hour is alike. No human being exactly the same.

And so, I host these sessions because of how I feel when I am in them, hoping to reflect a bit of that back to you. The bonus of the whole experience is getting to watch how you feel lighter in your body and more at ease than when we began.

I don’t know why these sessions happen the way that they do. Or how the perfect thing always seems to be said. Or how you get exactly what you need in the moment (whether you resist or not).

It’s all magic. Life magic. Beauty in the seemingly normally.

Let’s get together. Let’s communicate.

I have 7 spots left in the 2017 New Year Soul Session series and I’m looking for beautiful, soul-full women to share them with. ♥


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