Come out of the shadows

There is light beyond the sadness
10 slices of peace for every heartache.
And this pain, this… depression, is only temporary.

Have faith.

You are made of stars. You have the magic in you.
Your heart and head can explode with love if you only allow it to.
Move out of the discomfort and into the sun.

How big will you let your faith live?

This moment, this feeling, this.. everything, is temproary.
Squeeze it tight and let it go.
Create the next moment. Nothing is predetermined.

Your faith will lift you up.

Faith that you are enough.
Faith that this life is great.
Faith that anything is possible if you only have the courage to dream and conjure and create and explore and love and leap and…. and… and….

Get out of your head and into the light. Happiness is waiting for you.