Other Things

We had some foggy nights here recently..


My hands are covered in scratches, my feet – bite marks, and all for the entertainment of this adorable little fur ball. Rufus the Cat. The quilt he’s laying on is one my Nanny made for me when I was a youngun.


This image below is one I took at the Your Spirit Sparkle space the other night before our guided meditation class on Thursday. That little white candle burned down to the very end of our class.


The oracle cards you see are created by Doreen Virtue, Daily Guidance from Your Angels and was a gift from a gorgeous soul in our community.


The crazy stone you see featured here on my beside altar is Gypsum Rose “The desert rose enhances feelings of well-being, and an understanding of your unique, personal value in the universal plan.” I placed on top of it a Quartz for amplification.


↓ Love it if you dig it…