Grounded Warmth & Some Help Starting Out Your Week

Wintry temperatures blew in to Texas (finally) this evening and before I began typing this I was snuggled up in my bed, breastfeeding Sawyer to sleep.

It was one of those moments where I looked down and was completely consumed by gratitude and warmth. It made me think about what it was I wanted to create this week in my life.

More than ever, time feels fleeting and elusive. It has become abundantly clear to me that the only moment that truly exists is now.

I feel it is vital that with Monday quickly approaching, we all take a moment to get clear on what kind “now” we’d like to create with this brand new, blank-slate of a week in front of us.

Here’s some prompts to help you decide:

For just one week, I am the possibility of: grounded warmth.

For just this week, I’d like to let go of: judging others and myself in the biggest and smallest ways.

This week, I’d like to receive: evidence of all my hard work.

For the week ahead, I’d like to give: lots and loads of thanks and hugs.

For just one week, I’d like to feel: wealthy.

Ahhh. That felt good. I’d love to hear your answers to these prompts. How do you want to create your week to be? Do tell…